Paris in the Spring

I know that it's old hat to say it, but isn't Paris fantastic? I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in this feast of a city and I didn't want to come back. This was my fourth jaunt across the Channel and it was all thanks to Mr AB and the Housemate both of whom were tackling the Paris Marathon. You may remember that I got a trip to New York thanks to Mr AB's last marathon effort, so I'm doing pretty well on the back of his speedy legs* (fingers crossed for the Barbados marathon 2009).

One of my favourite things about this honey-hued city is that on almost every street there is a bakery and a florist. There something so right about a place where people don't want to be further than a few metres from flowers and cakes. Of course, when I wasn't trying desperately to spot J and C in the crowds of runners I was trying desperately to fit more bread/pastries/steak into my ever-expanding tummy.

I started on Saturday morning with a visit to the market Saxe-Breteuil which lies at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Perfection!
As you'd expect, the quality of the food was outstanding and as I wandered the stalls I silently cursed not being able to take it all home. English markets now seem un petit peu merde in comparison:In the end I settled for a pastry: and one of these delicious mini cakes (note that they are mini - that's why French women don't get fat!). Moist frangipane sponge - mmmm.

As well as the market, I also wandered the fabulous food hall at Le Bon Marche. This is a living museum for all the beautifully packaged and beautifully prepared foodstuffs that you could long to buy. The main department store also has a fantastic haberdashery department; it's truly wonderful. In the end, I was seduced by these pink packages:

I'm thinking mini scones topped with the rosewater jam and delicate rose-scented sables along side.

There are so many recommendations for Parisian restaurants that it is difficult to know what to add. I will, however, mention one delicious place that we stumbled across on a walk from our hotel to the river. Located next to a garage it looks pretty unassuming but, L'A.O.C. is a delight. Its speciality is rotisserie meat served with potatoes roasted in the juice dripping from the spit. Who could ask for more? Together with a vibrant salad (of course, given the location, impeccably dressed) and fresh sourdough bread, the meal was everything you hope for from a French bread. We even had tarte tatin:

A bientot my foodtastic Paris.

* 3.5hours (I was very proud).


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Paris is absoloutely amazing. Every time I go back there (again and again) I fall in love!
Food is suberbe expecially sweets which are delicious..but also the shops heartbreaking!
I'd love to go back to Paris some day but before...I need a dose of London (like a drug :-))

Joy said...

I know, even the non-food shops are fantastic. I stocked up on lots of pretty writing paper. It's lovely to here you say you need a dose of London. Sometimes I forget that my home city has lots to offer too. Come over soon!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

That's quite a bit of food porn there. I really need to visit...and be fasting for a week prior so I can take it all in, lol!

Tartelette said...

You make me homesick...but in a good way! Glad to hear you had a lovely time!

jasmine said...

OMG such lovely, lovely photos! We were supposed to be in France this autumn, but that's put off... These piccies give me something to look forward to...