Forever Better

I'm finally back. I can't really justify my absence as I have been cooking, I even prepared the last Daring Baker challenge, but I just haven't felt like writing. There hasn't, however, been a shortage of things to write about. I have finally left my soul-destroying job (in the middle of a recession - I do time things well), have acquired a kitten (called Pudding) and have had plenty of time to put finger to keyboard; I just haven't felt inspired. Those doldrums have now passed. I want to spend more time on my blog, more time prettifying it and more time immersing myself in the creative world for which I quit my job. In fact, you could say that it is my intention to be "forever better" which leads me nicely into today's post about Miele.

In the world of blogging freebies I am but an amateur. I turned down the opportunity to receive some free GU puds because I thought it might compromise my "homemade is better" integrity and the only other thing I've been sent is some of Kellogg's new muesli to sample (generally tasty but a little dry). However, on Tuesday I got a whole day out at the Miele experience centre in Oxford with travel expenses paid (very important for someone not gainfully employed and with a kitten to support).

It was a brilliant day. I met some lovely fellow bloggers and we cooked a St Patrick's Day feast on the top of the range Miele appliances. Before I continue, I should stress that I am not going to do a puff piece on Miele in the hope of more fun days out (note the lack of advertising on this site) but I was very impressed by how well we were looked after by the team at Miele and the organisers at 1000 heads. The Miele appliances are, without a doubt, excellent quality. Never have I been a kitchen which felt so scientific and never have I suspected that I was less intelligent than an oven. Given the fact that most of these appliances retail for more than I'd get for selling all of my body parts, perhaps this is as it should be.

The famous Irish dish... kedgeree... well, maybe not, but it did show how versatile steam ovens are.

Walking around the experience centre I had an uneasy feeling that I was cheating on my beloved newly refurbished kitchen. We've barely been together 6 months and there I was coveting the steam infused ovens and dishwashers with cutlery trays not baskets. Fickle. Of course I'd have had to sell my flat to be able to afford everything I'd have wanted for my kitchen which would rather have defeated the purpose. Once I get my "forever home" then I'll consider it.

Look how fresh the rhubarb stays when cooked in a steam oven, not that I'm obsessed or anything.

One thing that I won't be saving up for is the kitchen counter BBQ. It's a lovely idea but surely the whole point of a BBQ is standing outside in the rain and cooking barely done sausages to give your family food poisoning, no?

To be fair, it did produce great results:

We left the experience centre full of food and full of loathing for our own technologically inadequate kitchens. It was a fantastic day and if anyone does want to try any of the Miele appliances I would heartily recommend a trip to the experience centre. I would also urge you to check out the work of my fellow bloggers, Sam, Alex, Alex and Joanna - a very talented bunch. They also all had beautiful cards advertising their blogs so I felt very amateur without any to share. Another thing to save up for, after I get the steam oven of course.

I added the shamrock but sadly I can't take credit for this delicious soda bread:


PS May I just add that naughty blogger seems to be cropping all my photos and I haven't lost the ability to centralise my subjects since I last posted!


alexthepink said...

Your photos look lovely, and how exciting about leaving your boring job. That's just what I've recently done...

Sam said...

I agree with you about the barbecue, it's just not the same indoors. I much prefer to use charcoal too.

Great pictures!

Just Cook It said...

Huzzah, you're back. Great stuff. Fab to meet you last week.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

darling welcome back! I've missed you :-D .don't worry for your job, I've done the same thing some years ago and the recession was present even back then..but now i'm happy and you'll find your way dear! trust in you


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