Remember me?

I have been rather neglectful of my little blog recently. Even flickr pretended not to recognise me when I tried to sign in today. The past few weeks have been verrrry hectic. There's been a wedding (not mine), two christenings (one of which was mine) and a variety of birthdays, visitors and, of course, the evil work.

Even this is a flying visit. I leave for Barcelona in three hours and there is still a very empty suitcase to fill. I just wanted to pop in and post a few pictures to show that in between the wedding dress shopping (again, not mine) and new kitchen ordering (more of which to come) I have been doing some cooking. Recipes and tantalising tapas pictures to follow.


jasmine said...


Oh well...send back lots of pictures and you'll be forgiven.

You'll be forgiven even quicker if you ship over some wine and saffron ;)


glamah16 said...

First Cuba, now Barcelona...I'm jealous. Safe trip.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

wow lucky you ! Barcelona is fantastic! Good trip so darling and when you are back..please..:-) photos..:-D
a kiss

Antonia said...

That chocolate thing look like heaven!
Hope you have a good trip.

Joy said...

J - I didn't actually spot any saffron otherwise I promise I would have sent some your way!

C - I know it seems very jet-set but they all come at once!

S - Thank you and happy holidays yourself.

A - Thanks, I will share the choc-tastic recipe very soon...

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