Summer Lovin'?

True to the national stereotype, there is a lot of weather chat going on in the office at the moment. Everyone is wondering whether we will get any sun this year or whether the weather warning (issued on the longest day no less) is a sign of bad things to come. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if we did just fast forward into autumn. Am I the only one who celebrates the fact that the days are now getting shorter and keeps her fingers crossed not to get an Indian summer? Maybe if I tanned and had the kind of legs you'd be happy to show off in shorts it would be different. But no. I am definitely an Autumnal kinda gal (with cankles).

Regardless of how much I wish for rainy days so I can legitimately spend hours watching dvds on the sofa, I am still excited by the array of summer produce at the local farmers' market. The first raspberries, the heady strawberries, tender asparagus, tiny broad beans and more:*When everything looks so good it's hard not to fill your basket.

(don't you wish you were a broad bean - look at that downy blanket they're nestled against!)

I made a quick bruschetta with the Isle of Wight tomatoes. Grating a clove of garlic against some linseed bread and piling up the tomatoes with a little balsamic vinegar, basil and olive oil. Yum.

I'll cook the potatoes with a handful of mint and some melted butter and the asparagus with some soft scrambled eggs. Maybe summer isn't so bad after all.

* Excuse the raggedy cuticles. You wouldn't believe that I had just treated myself to my first ever manicure would you?!


glamah16 said...

Dont get me stated on nails! Summer produce is lovely even if the weather sucks.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Darling!! :-D you are not the only one who doesn't have the right pair of legs to show off, but we had so much bad weather here this year that I'm really taking breath now that there is sun. Of course it's extremely hot but for me it's ok :-D
A big kiss hun

Antonia said...

What lovely summery stuff you've got there. Isle of Wight tomatoes are clearly the best (I come from the IOW so am slightly biased). Actually, IOW is also famous for its asparagus and garlic too...
I've not considered it before, but yes, I rather think I would like to be a broad bean!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Lots of good looking produce you're showing there.

Joy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with nail problems Courtney. Bring back needing to wear gloves!

Silvia - I think I could cope with the sun in Italy what with all that gelato to cool me down... I hope you manage to find a nice spot of shade to chill out in.

Antonia - My housemate also comes from 'The Island' and she is always very proud when I bring home IoW tomatoes. However she has a few bad memories of tomato packing in her summer holidays so can't always be tempted to try them!

Mike - We're spoilt for choice at the moment but I'm still on the look out for ripe peaches so I can try your ice-cream.