If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate...

No, it's not a celebration of Madonna's Immaculate Collection album, great though it is. Rather, I'm going on holiday. I'll be away for three and a half weeks (I know, very jammy) visiting Mexico and Cuba (apologies to any American readers). So, it's going to be a little quiet around here. Dodgy internet cafes permitting, I'll be able to post this month's Daring Bakers challenge but other than that, I'll be busy garnering fresh ideas from Central America.

In the meantime, enjoy the wealth of brilliant blogs out there, perhaps starting here, here, or here.

Happy, happy cooking.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Enjoy your holiday!
And come back with tons of photos!

Tartelette said...

Have fun! Relax and celebrate...nothing wrong with a little Madonna here and there :)

Antonia said...

Hope you are having a great holiday and that the sun is shining for you!
Thank you for the link too. I look forward to hearing about the food once you get back. I've never been to either, but love Mexican food. I imagine what we eat over here though is nothing like 'the real thing'. Enjoy!

jj said...

Can't wait to see what you bring back from Central America! Sounds exciting and I hope you had/have a wonderful time.

Lina said...

Have fun on your vacation! Im going on holiday for a month and a half. Only one more week to go! I can't wait! But im very jealous that you get to visit cuba. (im american...sobs*)