Oh Crikey! I am Finally Starting a Blog

I must admit that this is not something that comes naturally to me, but recently I have not been able to think about anything else. I have been sculpting scintillating foodie prose on my way to work, engaging in imaginerary repartee with fellow bloggers on the way home and every meal I have eaten has been sauced with thoughts of how I would lovingly describe it.

I first sampled the sweet taste of food blogs at Chockylit's Cupcake Bakeshop. When Google lead me there after I posed an innocuous question about using buttermilk in cupcakes I felt that the stars had aligned. Cupcakes, endless discussion about baking and scores of fellow addicts - how had I not known about this before? As you will learn, I have the propensity to be a bit of a binge eater* and much like the packets of chocolate Homewheats** I have been known to demolish, I devoured post after post, picture after picture and recipe after recipe. It was from Chockylit's site that I found Deb's Smitten Kitchen and this is when I realised I was hooked. I relished the bantering prose and the fact that I was allowed to be part of this stranger's life (wedding photos and all). I am currently binging on the breath-catchingly evocative Tea and Cookies and, thankfully, I have room for much much more.

Aside from my love of all things cooking, what has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into the world of posting chatter for strangers is the evident sense of community. Since moving to London eighteen months ago, I have yearned to belong to something real. London, like many cities, is a place where it is easy to forget where you come from. It is all too easy to feel disconnected from the past, from the seasons and from any sense of reality. My personal remedy for this sense of displacement is to sink my hands into a bowl full of scone dough. As the plump dough yields to the touch and the flour collects under my fingernails I feel grounded and creative again. I sense that I will get a similar feeling through writing this blog.

Obviously this new commitment is not without problems. The First? I am not a writer. My sensibilities will not allow me to craft too many metaphors without cringing. I have often tried to write diaries and travel journals but when I re-read them they all sound so embarrassingly self-conscious (in fact, I have just skimmed over the preceding paragraph and I am feeling decidedly uncomfortable). I think the solution will be to post as if I am e-mailing The Housemate** as it is with her that I tend to have my funniest exchanges, typically about food.

The second problem I fear is more grave. I hate imposing on people. The idea that I am foisting myself on the good people of the blogging world ("read me, love me, link me") makes me feel slightly sick. I am sure that those of you of the Freudian bent will be muttering "self-esteem issues" under your breath and you are probably right (I urge such pop-psychologists to stay tuned as I am sure to give you plenty of neurotic material to work with in the future). This fear of imposition can be crippling and is especially apparent on my birthday when the thought of people coming to an event solely in my honour makes me wince. But perhaps it's time for change. After all, check me out now - imposing myself all over the world wide web!

The third problem I suspect is one that is widespread: what if no one reads my blog? However, I have decided to give this insecure little voice short-shrift. It dawned on me that it simply doesn't matter. I am sure, like writing diaries, much of the satisfaction from blogging is the cathartic pleasure of writing about things that you love. Of course it is better if you are blessed with interaction and the chance to make new friends but, if not, I am not going to take it too personally. Rather, if I don't receive any comments I'm giving myself licence to assume that you are all so captivated by my witty and charming style that you are too busy recommending people to e-mail me!

More food talk next time, I promise.

* Baked goods are my crack.
** Chocolate covered digestive biscuits made by McVities combining the crumbly delight of a digestive with a covering of plain or milk chocolate goodness. They used to be called Homewheats and I like to use their Sunday name to test whether I am dealing with a true British biscuit aficionado or a mere pretender.
*** My fellow food-obsessed housemate. Co-Baking Tester along with the other occupant of the Victorian maisonette we inhabit: "The Bedmate".

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Tea said...

What a very fantastic Little House quote to start out with! I am a big fan--always loved the food descriptions, and Farmer Boy was the best for that.

Congratulations on starting your blog. If your experience is anything like mine--and many others--it will take you places you never imagined (and sign up for Food Porn Watch if you want people to find you).

Thank you for the kind words. I was having an off day with the blog today and seeing your link and reading the mention bouyed me up!

I'll make sure to check back and see how you are getting along, but in the meantime--enjoy the adventure! (and I definitely think you *are* a writer, so there:-).